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For those of you who haven't heard about either of these two studies, I think this is really fascinating stuff:

Researchers have developed a reliable way to use a finger-stick blood sample to detect fibromyalgia syndrome, a complicated pain disorder that often is difficult to diagnose.

(I would insert a 'may' in that 'have developed', as in 'may have developed', but sure, okay.)

Pilot study was done with N[umber of patients that had] fibromyalgia (14), rheumatoid arthritis (15) and osteoarthritis (12), and the microscope got it right every time.

Also interestingly enough, this study was started by a professor in veterinary science. This is why research about all types of beings can lead to great results for humans too, as well as advancing our knowledge of the world.

The next study is even more fascinating:

Breakthrough In Fibromyalgia Research: Pain Is In Your Skin, Not In Your Head

This one is really fascinating. I recommend you read it for yourself, but basically, they took skin biopsies from 24 women with fibromyalgia and 23 'normal' women, with usable data from 18 women with fibro and 14 women without.

As far as I can figure out, what this study is basically saying is that there's an important dysfunctional difference that can be seen under microscope in the nerve fibers surrounding the blood vessels in the hand.

I personally don't have particularly painful hands, but what was interesting to me about this study is that they believe that blood that's supposed to be used in a 'reservoir' type manner is not being divvied out appropriately, and that's why we constantly feel like we've been beaten with shovels—cellular waste is not getting taken out of the system.

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Very cool. And good to keep up with the research. Thanks!

I should also possibly add an article an LJ friend recently came across:

The article claims that may people diagnosed with fibromyalgia may actually have something else called "small fiber polyneruopathy." The study found that there's a much higher instance of it in fibro patients, anyway, and the symptoms are such that it's possible that people with SFPN are actually being misdiagnosed as fibro patients.

I talked to my endocrinologist about it. He said it's a condition where decreased blood flow (such as happens with diabetics and pre-diabetics) causes nerve damage. Diabetics are warned about this as a complication of the disease. We often lose sensitivity in the extremities, develop problems with sight, etc. But it seems that in some cases the damage can present itself as pain.

It doesn't seem likely to me, and the doc (who is one of the best docs I go to) didn't think it was likely for my specific case. But there may be something to it, so it's worth knowing about.



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